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Yolie Swinkels and Ketut from Eat Pray Love
Ketut Liyer and Yolie Swinkels
'In February 2012 I visited the Holy Man (Dukun in Bahasa) from the movie Eat Pray and Love, made famous by American actress Julia Roberts.
His name is Ketut Leyir, and he lives in Ubud where he has been practising Balinese medicine and palmistry for many many years. Since he shot to fame a few years ago he has numerous visits from mainly American and European women who are keen to meet with him for a 'palm reading'. Leyir now is 82 years old and I had a lovely time with him on my recent visit. Between us we managed to have a nice conversation in three languages( English, Bahasa and Dutch) and I left feeling quite uplifted by having been in the presence of a very
good and old soul
Yolie Swinkels on Koh Phi Phi beach

I love walking on the beach and find it very calming and inspiring. This photo of me was taken on the stunningly beautiful isle of Koh Phi-Phi in Thailand late 2009. It was hard to imagine that only five years earlier this beautiful region was engulfed by the devastating Tsunami which took hundreds of thousands of lives

Girls on Beach

In 1972 I was given a box of writing paper with this picture on its cover. Each sheet had a faint impression of this picture and not only does it bring back memories, but it also resonates with me: two girls doing girly things on my favourite place, in beautiful nature with wind, sand, air and water elements


*25 YEARS counselling experience, 
Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors,
Masters and PhD in Criminology, Dip Psychology,
Justice of the Peace*

Home readings

Periodically I work overseas. As such my reading availabilities are limited. Please listen to my updated phone messages to find out when I’m back home and available for readings at my home in Kewarra Beach.

I’m available most days, including weekends and after hours. An average reading takes about an hour and costs $50. Half hour readings are $35.
Please do not bring children under the age of 12.
Cute as they may be, especially toddlers,  tarot readings  require concentration and this is simply not a suitable environment for children.
For appointments contact me on 0400 824 677
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Distant Readings

Distant readings are now available.
Most readings will be done within 24 hours, either per telephone or by email.
Just contact me by email or by telephone to set up an appointment.
Payment is via Pay pal and the cost per reading is AUD $35.
Please do NOT deposit any monies without having made prior arrangements for a reading.


Phone (61) 0400 824 677


I have Masters and PhD degrees in criminology and I am a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors. I have 15 years work experience with Queensland State Government and the Northern Territory Government in frontline casework, courts and management. I have conducted extensive research into youth offending and government response to the problem. My 2004 doctoral thesis (available on website: http://www.dryolieswinkelscriminologist.com/) was completed with the aim of having some positive impact on policy. Since then my frustration with the inability of the ‘system’ to implement more effective responses to the problem finally got the better of me. These days I am much happier sitting down with a voluntary client to discuss their current circumstances and their future, with a pack of Tarot cards between us.

I have been reading tarot cards for a few years now, but it was only after serious illnesses that the Tarot became much more significant for me. Since then through Tarot readings I have assisted many people with decision making, both about their professional and private circumstances. I believe that part of a criminologist skill-set is Criminal Profiling and this not unlike using the tarot cards: Tarot helps me to ‘profile’ a person’s situation and come up with options for future action. In principle I want clients to be happier upon leaving than on entering. Usually this is the case, I am happy to say!

Cairns Post Weekender interview with Yolie 31 March 2012


Tarot Cards


Tarot cards can unveil problems and blockages in the subconscious and – when used responsibly and correctly - they are a wonderful tool and guide to unlock hidden obstacles and fear and thus allowing for a much happier and clearer pathway. Tarot cards enable you to ‘tap’ into your intuition or inner guide and reaches your ‘soul’.

A tarot deck typically contains 78 cards. These cards are made up of 22 Major Arcana cards ( numbered 0 to XXI) and 56 Minor Arcana Cards.(Arcana means ‘secrets’)The Major Arcana represents archetypes, including the Sun, Moon, Star, Empress and Emperor. The Minor Arcana is depicted in four sets, namely Cup, Swords, Wands and Pentacles and describes everyday events. Each suit in the Minor Arcana has 14 cards, from the Ace through to the 10 as well as four court cards ( page, Knight, Queen and king).

There are numerous spreads and obviously, readers use heir preferred spreads. I use the Traditional Celtic Spread in my readings.

Tarot’s real origins are unknown, however it is widely believed that they were first used in Europe by gypsies

I have been using the New Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman- Burke and Liz Greene, because the bright colours really resonate with me. since I use these cards daily, they quickly became too tattered to read responsibly. Fortunately, my friends ensure I have an almost endless supply of this deck as they keep giving me new Mythic Tarot decks every six months or so!

Mythic Tarot Deck

Mythic Tarot


Lenormand Tarot Deck

Mlle Lenormand was of French origin and in the 19th century she a most celebrated fortune teller. She was so popular that her cards were named after her. The Lenormand cards reflect the sophistication and style popular of high society in 18 and 19th century France and this deck consists of 36 cards only. They are a great tool and easy to use in simple 'yes' or 'no' questions

Atlantic tarot

Tarot of Atlantis

My favourite tarot deck is the Italian made Tarot of Atlantis. Each card in this deck comes in six European languages and has beautiful and intriguing pictures. Even though I really like this deck, I have not had the time to really study them, hence I am not using this beautiful deck for readings…yet!


Ryder Waite tarot

Arguably the best known tarot deck is the RIDER WAITE, by Arthur Waite and designed by Pamela Colman Smith.

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This photo was given to me by a friend, who told me that this amazing picture was taken near Charters Towers in Queensland in 1985. This means it has not been doctored and is a true image of what was observed by a number of people….
Darwin Angel in Clouds
This photo was taken in 2005 by aspecial friend of mine in Darwin. It is a Darwin (NT) cloud formation and if you look straight at it you will see archangel Gabriel.
Atlantic Mermaid
Tropical mermaid
Mermaids have always been my preferred mythical creation. In fact I may have been one myself!
Guardian Angel
I love old pictures of angels guarding over children. This one is my favouriete . It was bought on a market and given to me some years ago